Photographs of Violet Nicolson

These two photographs were evidently taken in the same session, probably in India in the 1890s.  The one on the left appeared in Putnam's Monthly in 1907 along with photographs of Malcolm H. Nicolson, Dunmore House, and Violet Nicolson's grave in Madras, while the one on the right was used as the frontispiece to Songs from the Garden of Kama (1908), which was illustrated with photographs by Mrs. Eardly Wilmot. This is the best known photograph of Laurence Hope, taken by well-known English photographer G. C. Beresford, and used as the frontispiece to Indian Love / Last Poems (1905).  A few years ago, John Jealous was able to located the original negative as one of a series of twelve now in the Hulton picture archives in London.  The photograph was probably taken during the Nicolson's stay in London in 1903-04.