The Indian Love Lyrics (Stoll Pictures, 1923)

Produced by Stoll Picture Productions, filmed at Cricklewood Studios, London, screenplay by Sinclair Hill.  "Based on the poems from The Garden of Kama by Laurence Hope set to music by Amy Woodforde Finden."  Starring Owen Nares as Prince Zahirudin, Malvina Longfellow as Princess Nadira, J. Nelson Ramsay as Sultan Abdul Rahim, Catherine Calvert as Queen Vashti, Pino Conti as Yussef, Master of the Royal Harems, Henry Wilson as Hakim the dwarf, etc.  The subject is "the love story of a Prince and Princess set in medieval India."

Sir Oswald Stoll, Rachel Low writes in The History of the British Film 1918-1929, "was a theatre owner rather than a theatrical impressario" and  was "vociferous in the cause of wholesome British and Empire films, and the possibility of using the cinema for moral uplift."  "The output was enormous, but 'Stoll films are dull films'. The technical standard was better and the appearance more modern than in Ideal's output, and many were competently made and photographed. But good equipment could not overcome unsuitable stories mechanically adapted, poorly mounted in standard sets, edited and sometimes re-edited by cutters whose task was all too often to make the best of a bad job."  Sinclair Hill (1896-1945) was "the one consant factor in [Stoll's] production and one of the biggest operators in the sausage-machine type of film production."  Other exotic Stoll titles during this period included One Arabian Night (1923, also directed by Hill), The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu (1923), Prehistoric Man (1924) and Further Mysteries of Dr Fu Manchu (1924).  Low notes that "One of the few virtues of the Stoll output at this time was the excellent, and indeed frequently very beautiful, locations chosen if the subject allowed it, and much of these films was shot on location and provided relief from the studio."