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The Laurence Hope Newsletter

The Laurence Hope Newsletter, published for some years by John Jealous, an independent scholar of Harrowgate, published its last issue in the Fall of 2000.  John has been for many years at the center of Laurence Hope research, and many of us owe him an immense debt of gratitude.


John and Helen Jealous


The Garden of Kama
November, 2001

New material has been added in honor of the centenary of The Garden of Kama, first published in December 1901: a selection of poems from the volume, and some reviews of the book (including a recently located review by Francis Thompson).

Also added: a new group of pages on Laurence Hope in Popular Culture pages.  Many thanks to Helen Marshall and the members of the Laurence Hope discussion list, for their contributions.

Laurence Hope was deeply interested in the people and cultures of Afghanistan. "Lost Delight" After the Hazara War and Camp Followers Song, Gomal River are two poems reflecting her sympathy for the Afghan peoples.


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